Sunday February 18th 2018

Contact The Village of South Bloomfield

5023 South Union Street
South Bloomfield, Ohio 43103 
Office - (740) 983-2541 
Fax - (740) 983-4531

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9AM - 5PM; Friday 9AM-2PM

Village emails are listed below
Matt Pettibone MayorMatt Pettibone
Tyann Mowrey  Tax AdministratorTyann Mowrey
Doug Burke  Council MemberDoug Burke
Tom Ramsay  Council MemberTom Ramsay
Jill Roese  Council MemberJill Roese
Debbie Jones  Council MemberDebbie Jones
Donna Schaffer  Council MemberDonna Schaffer
Iris Darst  CFOIris Darst
Ken McCoy  Chief of PoliceKen McCoy
Joe Allen  Village AdministratorJoe Allen
Aaron Thomas  Council MemberAaron Thomas
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